2007   FEBRUARY 1   #032

William Hudson III - Sermon, Part 2

William Hudson III - Sermon, Part 2 (4:40)

I chose this one strictly because it's a 12 year old boy preaching......ON RECORD. In a testimonial by Paul Serrano (President of P.S. Records...who released this album in 1987), Paul compares William Hudson III to artists such as Paul Robeson, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Mahalia Jackson and Michael Jackson. Side A consists of some of William's sermons (part 2 of which is included here), and Side B consists of 4 songs William has performed, showing off his amazing 12 year old voice. Something about this record is strangely inspiring to me.

- Contributed by: The Bomarr Monk

Image: Front Cover

Media: 12" LP
Album: Introducing William Hudson III
Label: P.S. Records
Date: 1987