2007   JANUARY 30   #030

Goodyear - That's Show Biz!

1 Goodyear - What's New (1:38)
2 Goodyear - He'll Cooperate (2:03)
3 Goodyear - A Definite Difference (1:47)
4 Goodyear - Welcome to Schultz's Market, What's New Reprise (4:58)

I've been obsessively collecting privately-pressed Industrial Musicals for just about 10 years now and, much to most folks' dismay, I truly believe that this weird subgenre is one of the most culturally unique musical movements of the 20th century. Employee motivation, the corporate bottom line, the detailed product descriptions – all set against the often ludicrously melodramatic strains of then-contemporary musical theatre. Thankfully, other kindred spirits at the 365 Days Project feel the same way. You do too, right? (Hello?.....Echo!...echo...)

Here's a rare one that was unearthed in the past two years, with only two known copies (so far). That's Show Biz, an early 60s EP by Goodyear. You might expect it to be about tires, right? Nope. This show is entirely about the introduction of Prime-Wrap, Goodyear's brand new plastic wrap for meats! Enjoy the anonymous, hard-working cast belt it out for The Man!

- Contributed by: Jonathan Ward

Image: Front Cover, That's Show Biz!

Media: 12" LP
Album: That's Show Biz!
Date: Early 1960s