2007   JANUARY 20   #020

American Standard - Today We Bought A Home

1 Don Meckstroth - A Greeting (1:06)
2 Mason Adams - Today We Bought A Home (12:55)
3 American Standard - Today We Found Our Home (7:14)

The American Dream set to catchy and dreamy music. This is my favorite mini-product musical next to "The 8 Seasons of Chromolox" (see day #13 of the 2003 365 Days Project) .

A question arises in my mind - Where and when was this record given out or listened to? Unlike other product musicals this was not played out live on stage during a corporate convention. Was this handed to you at the cash register when purchasing American-Standard products in a hardware store? Was it given to customers visiting an office for "Holiday Green" or "Trend-Setting Builder" real-estate? Did they leave you alone in a room with a turntable to listen to this, after giving you a wink and saying, "I'll be back in 15 minutes to answer any questions"? Probably not. Side 2 is full of dinner music.

Perhaps then, it was a gift (especially to newly-weds) from traveling salesman who would stop by a second time later in the day to check upon your interest in the album's presentation. (Much like the amazing Bert Tenzer "Sci-Fi Drama" traveling salesman product records.)

My only clue is in the liner notes: "We sincerely hope you enjoy the reading of the essay, the miniature musical and the lovely dinner music. Your American-Standard representative will soon discuss the complete details of the Trend Setting Builder Program and point out your vital role in upgrading the new home market to more profitable feature goods fixtures through this program."

I love the music and dialog of this record very much. It's Perfect. Laughter even arises at times during the "scene" of the husband and wife waltzing through the kitchen, to the plugs of American-Standard products included as bonus features to the new home - the slip resistant polka-dots in the bathtub and the "vent-away"(?) toilets - "Freeesssshhhh!”

- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)

Image: Today We Bought A Home (courtesy of: Suzanne Baumann)

Media: 12" LP
Album: Today We Bought A Home
Label: American Standard
Catalog: CSS863
Credits: Music by Jules Styne, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. A unique album, prepared exclusively for distributors of American-Standard products, in support of and for the benefit of the Trend Setting Home Builders of America.
Date: 1968