2003   NOVEMBER 28   #332

Billy Glenn and Shelley Taylor - Stagger Lee

Like many musicians who toured the supper club/resort/lounge circuit, Billy and Shelly were based in Florida. This album was recorded at Edward's Cocktail Lounge in Daytona Beach and released on Carellen Records, a Floridian record label that mostly released song-poem albums.

A lot of lounge musicians have a repertoire of old standards like "More," "Canadian Sunset," and so on, but Billy and Shelly's cover of "Stagger Lee" shows that they were more modern-minded. I especially like the barking noises Shelly generates with his cordovox.

If you like this sample, try tracking down the album so you can hear their version of "Evil Ways."

- Jessica Ford Cameron

TT-3:14 / 4.5MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from "Everything That's Beautiful," Carellen Records, Inc.
Thanks to Basic Hip for transfer/cleanup on audio.