2003   NOVEMBER 26   #330

Norgine Laboratories - The Recorded Detailman

This is side 1 of a 78-RPM record called "The Recorded Detailman". It doesn't have a year on it, but I'm guessing maybe late 40's-early 50's. It was given to doctors to advertise a prescription drug called Enzypan. Side 2 is an instrumental classical song. In side 1, someone who sounds like an old radio announcer of the time gives a pitch for Enzypan. He talks about how the drug's enzymes are released through the intestines, and how this helps people with gastric problems. It's also interesting to hear the word "flatulent" used on an old record like this.

I guess pharmaceutical companies didn't have to give out the information about side effects back then, so the doctor was expected to "clarify his doubtful points" simply by giving an Enzypan sample to a patient. His "questions were answered more directly" this way - like the ones about side effects, maybe?

Anyway, whether you're "the hurry-and-hustle type" or one of "those gobblers", I hope you enjoy this.

- Sammy Reed

TT-3:07 / 2.9MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

(Image courtesy of Sammy Reed)