2003   NOVEMBER 20   #324

Wayne Brunner - Smoked Fish / T.R. Special / Woman Of Wisconsin

Wayne Brunner, straight outta Two Rivers, Wisconsin (or Tucson, as that's where he seemed to have cut his album ""Songs Of Wisconsin", but who's splitting hairs). This is a journeyman Johnny Cash kind of sound, just Wayne with a guitar plus a few pieces of experimental percussion poking through at inappropriate moments. Whether he's singing the praises of "Smoked Fish" ("Looove that smell / I have the slipperiest grip in town"), naming all his favorite towns within the sound of the Lake Michigan foghorn on "T.R. Special" (sort of like James Brown giving a shoutout to the most notorious ghettos along the Southeastern seaboard in "Night Train", but different), or idealizing the "Woman Of Wisconsin", it's a surefire hit.

Woman of Wisconsin how you turn me on
Transplant a rose and it's still a rose
Woman of Wisconsin when you're in my arms
I know a feeling I know no one I know knows.

- Todd Niquette

TT-10:28 / 12MB / 160kbps 44.1khz

(Images courtesy of Todd Niquette)