2003   NOVEMBER 18   #322

Gerrard Kennedy - I Am An Island / Searching / Four Letter Word

Here is one of my favourite spoken word recordings. In 1972, Gerrard Kennedy, famous for his role as Detective Sergent Frank Banner in Australian cop show ""Division 4" went into a recording studio to read some poetry over the most syrupy strings and laid back bossanova imaginable so he could prove to the world he had a warm sensitive side as well! Every poem is about love and isolation or both, and it is the ultimate in independent single-man-on-the-edge, bachelor pad cool. I laugh out loud at some of the lines, but I am also strangely touched.

On the back cover there is a photo of Gerrard with a half smile in jeans, hand knitted 70's sweater and brown leather boots sitting near a sea at a pier. He has a pen and large pad in hand, as if he is drawing pictures of the yachts moored behind him. It really convinced me that he was a valid, multitalented artist!

It was only after copying the record to mp3 format that I read the fine print on the LP and I found out to my disappointment that Gerrard did not write any of the poetry he reads on the LP. It states on the jacket that a guy called Warwick Randall wrote the poems, and I have no idea who he is. I think Warwick Randall may even be a non-de plume for Gerrard himself. This poetry is soul searching, laying yourself on the line stuff, and he played a cop on television so I can totally understand why he would do this.

This album was given to me by a friend who thought I might dig it, which I did. I got some great friends! Listening to this album me want to pour a cognac, don a smoking jacket, and lounge in front of an open fire with a pipe full of rum soaked tobacco so I can ponder what "love" is. I love to listen to Gerrard read poetry on a rainy day. I hope you do too!

Gerard Kennedy is a quite famous Australian actor and has acted in quite a few famous TV shows such as "Neighbours" and movies in Australia, If you want to find out more, go to: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0448047/ (no photos of him though).

- Bags

TT-5:47 / 5.3MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Seasons of Love" (1972)
Poetry by Warwick Randall
Music composed & arranged by Sven Libaek

Red writes:
Here's a link to an interview with Gerard Kennedy - including a pic of him all Joe Friday stylee! http://home.1asphost.com/aussietv/INTVWGerardKennedy.htm