2003   NOVEMBER 16   #320

Gladys Gewirtz & Eve Lippman - Mother Goose Songs For Jewish Children

from the sleeve:


When Gladys Gewirtz and Eve Lippman pooled their talents to adapt Sara G. Levy's Mother Goose Rhymes for Jewish Children into a record album, it was inevitable that it be the outstanding success in its field.

With rare artistry, they succeeded in maintaining the attraction which Mother Goose has for children, while adding to it songs and jingles with a lilting, homey, joyous Jewish flavor.

Now transcribed into a Long Playing record, it will continue to appeal while it educates and entertains. In addition, an accompanying glossary or picture dictionary has been provided as a visual aid for your child's learning experience.

Band I -- Shabat
Band II -- Holiday Guessing Game
Band III -- The Happy Mishpacha
Band IV -- Mother Goose in Israel

Side 2 is "holiday playsongs" & contains a similar blend of singing & narration by the same women, but no emphasis on the mother goose character. This is mostly Gladys, Eve, & some guests singing traditional holiday songs, in chronological order, but has some original material as well.

- stAllio

TT-16:14 / 15MB / 128kbps 44.1khz