2003   NOVEMBER 9   #313

Luther Annes - Dashing Thru the Church/The Tract Rack/Covered Dish Supper

The Luther-Annes were a trio of members of the Saint James Lutheran Church of Pittman, New Jersey. Seemingly influenced by Allan Sherman, head Luther-Anne Joyce Frueh wrote songs parodying church life set to the tune of Christmas carols, hymns, and other old standards. Fellow Luther-Annes Mary Steffy and Rachel Wascher chimed in to complete the trio, and Shirley Halvorson and Mary Jo Hyssong helped out with their piano accompaniment.

I might be biased since I too am a Luther-Anne, er, Lutheran. I could write 95 Theses on how wonderfully charming and funny these ladies are, but instead I'll just tell you to listen to the MP3 and then go look for their "Dashing Thru the Church" album. See you in the fellowship hall!

- Jessica Ford Cameron

TT-3:01 / 4.2MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from "Dashing Thru the Church," Fortress Records.
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