2003   NOVEMBER 4   #308

Unknown - Peter Cottontail/Sesame Street/Three Little Pigs/Old Mother Hubbard

I know absolutely nothing about wonderful little segment of tape, beyond what a listen to can tell me: that it's a very young child, and that he or she was already a good story teller when this was recorded. The three songs heard at the beginning and end of the tape are enjoyable enough, but the real draw here is the story that makes up most of the segment.

I found this in the middle of an unmarked reel-to-reel tape, probably one bought at a rummage sale or something similar. When I am lucky enough to find such tapes, I usually buy them, sometimes 20-40 at a time, and I listen to them one by one, over the next several months. More often than not, their full of someone's album collection, or classical music recorded off the radio. For that reason, the unique tapes really stand out, and I've never forgotten the moment I found this sweet recording. However, when I listened to it, several months had passed since I purchased the tape, and as a result, I have no memory of where I got this tape, and there is nothing on the tape to indicate who this child might be.

That I find things like this is a fact that I still find amazing: if this was a recording of me, or of my child, no one would be able to find it at a rummage sale. It would be safely tucked away in my home. I can't imagine someone giving this away.

- Bob Purse

TT-3:46 / 3.5MB / 128kbps 44.1khz