2003   NOVEMBER 2   #306

Little Cindy - Happy Birthday Jesus

Here's another fine entry in the 'Christian Torture Records by or for Children' category. Little Cindy doesn't mince words when it comes to those who crucified our saviour, deeming them "those awful naughty men."

(Tech note: When mastering this item from my vinyl copy, I experimented at first with slowing it down to reduce the effects of a rather nasty edge warp. However, I found that no matter how slow you play this record, it always sounds as if it's running too fast. I ended up playing the disc at normal speed, but increased the tracking force to keep the needle from jumping out of the groove.)

"Happy Birthday Jesus" is brought to you by those fine publishers of Christmas classics, Shapiro-Bernstein (ASCAP).

- Perry Amberson

TT-2:15 / 1.3MB / 80kbps 44.1khz (MONO)
Mart Records 45 #2515 (1959) Composer: Geo. Donald McGraw

(Image courtesy of Perry Amberson)