2003   OCTOBER 20   #293

The Nate & Dave Show - The Seduction

Nate and I recorded "The Seduction" when we both in our early teens. We intended to impress the ladies with our ability to craft a romantic scenario. Our lavish home production facility consisted of a tape recorder with a condenser mic, a stereo for playback of classical music (cued up on cassette, with varying precision), and our post pubescent golden throats. We felt assured of producing nothing less than an aural masterpiece.

Needless to say, the project quickly devolved. After we finished, we decided that the outtakes were better than the finished product, so we tacked them on at the end.

We distributed some copies to our friends, and at one point I believe we heard that the recording had made it all the way across the Atlantic, and was getting some airplay on some English college radio station...or maybe it was just somebody's tape deck in a college dorm in England, I really don't know for sure. The tape faded into obscurity until my mother returned it to me after her last move. I was psyched to hear that it was still in playable condition, especially since technology had now far surpassed the rather limited means available to us at the time of recording, so that I could digitally preserve this watershed recording. Never before or since has so much youthful exuberance been so utterly squandered. Enjoy.

- Dave Hausler

TT-14:15 / 8.2MB / 80kbps 22khz
Recorded 1985 in Worcester, MA