2003   OCTOBER 18   #291

Brad Crandall, Scott Bradley, Herb Gott - Say What's the Answer-Compilation
          1. How To Beat The Blues (crandall)
          2. Let's Beat The Heat (gott/bradley)
          3. What's With That Wooden Thing-a-Ma Bob? (crandall)
          4. It's Great When You Feel Terrible (gott)

There's a chain of thrift stores here in Canada called Value Village. I believe they are US originated and are part of the Savers chain, but it's one my my favorite places to shop. You literally don't know what you are going to find that people donate and they resell for charity.

This album I found one week in my usual weekly "visit". I wish I could say exactly what this was for. Produced by Impact Productions of Toronto, I'm guessing early to mid 1960's, it's a series of infomercial like programs designed to sell you on the benefits of clean air, "presented as a public service" by Honeywell, who could actually help you out in selling you something to clean that air...hint hint. Were these designed for radio station use, or give away by honeywell salesmen to potential customers or clients? I cannot say.

What's also interesting is the voice talent. Brad Crandall, known on radio on both sides of the border, was the host of the first open line show ever done in Canada, and was with WNBC at the time of this album release (based on the liner notes), but veteran WKRP fans will remember him as the "Mr Macho" voice in the first season episode 'A Date With Jennifer". Scott Bradley was actually a GIRL and General Manager of Impact Productions (a big deal for the times..remember, it's the 60's!) Herb Gott was a CBC Host of the time, having his own show "Who's Herb Gott" in it's 12th year when the LP was released.

As a foot note, the little music cues used on some of the cuts were co-written by Dolores Claman. Claman would eventually write what has come to be jokingly known as ""Canada's Second National Anthem" the theme from "Hockey Night In Canada" which celebrates 35 years of being used by the CBC this fall.

- Scott Snailham, http://www.geocities.com/snarfdudes

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(Image courtesy of Scott Snailham)