2003   SEPTEMBER 20   #263

Big Jon Arthur and the "No School Today" Cast - Cincinnati Dancing Pig

Big Jon and Sparkie" was the name of a radio show in the 1950's.

The title characters were the co-hosts of the show broadcast on Saturday morning network radio about 8:00am. The show began the same every week with the Jon shouting proudly, "No School Today".It was the model for the "Howdy Doody Show" which would dominate Saturday morning television only a few years after "Big Jon and Sparkie". It was mainly an entertainment show, but it also attempted to teach some basic information as well. That was a very radical concept for that time 20 years before Sesame Street.

Sparkie was actually the sped up recorded voice of Jon Arthur. A technique exploited by Dave Seville a few years later with his hit records of "Alvin and the Chipmunks".

- Tod Smith

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(Image courtesy of The TOD)