2003   SEPTEMBER 12   #255

Peter Holm - Pappa, En Gang Till

Apparently Peter Holm has only one claim to fame and that would be he was Joan Collins 4th husband. Their wedding did not last but a few months,as you can see below he had some issues with her.

Peter Holm's Top 10 Grievances Against Joan Collins :

10. Waiting Area Outside Bedroom Had Old Magazines
  9. She Made Him Empty Makeup Buckets to Earn $20,000 Weekly Allowance
  8. Other Pets Have Their Names on Water Dishes
  7. Annoyed By Reminiscences About President Van Buren's Sexual Prowess
  6. Couldn't Break Her Habit Of Hollering ""Next!"
  5. Wouldn't Support His Campaign for Presidency of "Weaselly Gigolo Club"
  4. Never Invited to Annual "Night of 100 Paperboys"
  3. Freak Electrical Storm Caused Bedroom Lights to Go on During Night
  2. Somebody Finally Told Him What "Parasite" Means
  1. Tired of Passing Motorists Honking and Yelling "I Had Her!"

- The TOD

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