2003   SEPTEMBER 8   #251

Dr. Michael Dean The Singing Hypnotist - All Of Me

I wish I had something interesting or witty to say about Dr Michael. He really sums up the essence of his act in this clip. Listen and experience the hypnotic power of Dr. Dean!

- Scotbot

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Brian Phillips writes:
I remember Dr. Sanford Berman (Michael Dean) from my days in San Diego. He did his act for many years at Spanky's Saloon on Midway and Rosecrans, which is gone now. It was a big hangout for military personnel, I believe that the Marines or the Navy trained nearby. The free weekly newspaper in San Diego, The Reader did an article on his Hypnotism act called "Your Eyes are Growing Very Heavy (I Am Growing Very Rich)". He must have liked the article; it was framed at the entrance to the club. A commercial that ran at the time (1980s) showed him onstage with three male subjects and I can still see him barking out a hypnotic suggestion, ""You guys have just lost your pants, one, two, three!", after which they "covered" themselves amid the howls and hoots of the audience.