2003   SEPTEMBER 5   #248

Cole National Corporation - National Hooray/The Latest

Most industrial shows of the 1960s were bombastic ego-fests with fantastic displays and thrilling tales of next years coming profits. Here's an example of the complete opposite in terms of pomp: a couple of jokers in a room with a piano wending their way through a handful of pathetic anthems which probably left Joe Salesman reaching for a handful of downers.

Such is "Bright Idea, A Fairy Tale" by the Cole National Corporation, presented to their staff in 1965 as a musical introduction to their new line of color-coded car keys. The first track is a more or less generic corporate cheer, and the second is more of a hip-hip-hooray for those great new keys. Every time I listen to this record it just gets more fun and degrading at the same time.

Interesting note for pop-psych fans: the female singer is Liz Seneff, who sang lead for the late-60s outfit "The Split Level" that released one LP on Dot.

- Jonathan Ward

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Cole National Corporation, 1965

(Image courtesy of Jonathan Ward)