2003   SEPTEMBER 4   #247

OLDSmobility - Gotta Get A Car

This record sat in my collection for years without a single listen. The 365 project had me digging for stuff and I finally stuck it on the turn table and hated it. Never liked Florence Henderson, I always thought she was the evil one on The Brady Bunch. The song "Gotta Get A Car" represents what the male mentality towards scoring a chic is. We all know people that think this way.

- The TOD

TT-2:11 / 2MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

Clark Humphrey writes:
Nobody mentioned the "Gotta Getta Gal" singer on this one. Bill Hayes first gained fame singing pompoous show tunes on "Your Show of Shows" while Sid Caeser was offstage changing costumes for his next skit. Hayes then recorded the hit theme from the Disney TV miniseries "Davy Crockett," then did 30 years off-and-on on "Days of Our Lives," making the cover of Time magazine.

Peg writes:
Florence Henderson played a one night stand for Shakes the Clown (in the film of the same name) and also played Mrs Mike Brady. She is far from evil. She is a versatile actress.

(Images courtesy of The TOD)