2003   SEPTEMBER 2   #245

Auto Tape Tour

I really don't know anything about this recording other than that I found a cheap old cassette tape in a thrift-store, the tape said 'Auto-Tape Tour' on it, and it broke the first time I listened to it (right where the pause is after he says "stop", coincidentally enough). It's an interesting use of technology, and I'm surprised we haven't seen more of them. Maybe some of the folks out there have other examples of this kind of recording...

- Steve Cilantro

TT-7:53 / 7.2MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

Joe Simmons writes:
i recently drove my elderly parents to key west. in preparations for the trip, i ran across this website: http://www.roadtothefloridakeys.com/index.html. sucker that i am, i bought the. better yet, it was quite good. if you've ever driven to the keys, you'll know that the hiway is marked by mile markers counting down to "mile zero" in downtown key west. this audio tour would tell you, for example, to "restart the tour as you reach mile marker 36 at the entry to Islamorada," or where ever it was... worked pretty good to keep the attention of all in the car. not quite as hokey as the oldie featured today, but still...... unfortunately, tho, i left it in the glove box of our rental car. oops. i've been thoroughly enjoying the cavalcade if incorrect music, etc.