2003   AUGUST 19   #231

Patty Zeitlin & Marcia Berman - The Angry Song

Marcia Berman is a pioneer in the field of children's music. When she began in the 1950's she was one of a very small handful of people in the country to write these types of songs for children. She is a graduate of the University of California and is a former kindergarten and elementary school teacher. Throughout her career she has recorded and produced fourteen albums for children as a solo artist, and in collaboration with many different artists, such as Patty Zeitlin, Uncle Ruthie Buell and others.

Throughout her long career she sang, recorded, produced, collaborated, and taught. Even in retirement, Marcia continues to coach, encourage and mentor new generations of children's music artist-educators. The Marcia Berman Fund for Music and Young Children was established in 1997 to continue her work.

"The Angry Song" is a fine example of the way she used her catchy and light-hearted songwriting style to provide creative ways to express feelings through songs.

- Jef Stevens & Karl Hoffman

TT-2:25 / 3.3MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Won't You Be My Friend?" (AR544)
©1972 Educational Activities, Inc., Freeport, NY
Written & sung by Patty Zeitlin & Marcia Berman.
Accompanied and arranged by Frank Hamilton.
(Education Activities Inc., AR544) 1972

(Image courtesy of Jef Stevens & Karl Hoffman)