2003   JULY 26   #207

The VD Song

I recorded this off a TV documentary some years ago. It's the soundtrack to a U.S. (or Canadian?) Public Information Spot for STD awareness. It seems as if it's from the early 70's & the tune could come straight out of 'Mary Poppins' if it weren't for the subject matter. Can anyone else shed some light on this piece? I'd like to know more about it, I think...

- James Dawes

TT-0:58 / 1.1MB / 160kbps 44.1khz

CatDaddyX writes:
I know about the VD song. It ran about 1975-79 on all things Bozo and the Lone Ranger before I went to elementary school in the morning. Here in the states - I believe it was a Govt. agency. The commercial was very happy full of couples riding bikes and holding balloons. And I remember being very puzzled, what was this VD, and why were they all smiling? Another one was a PSA about hate. Hate its a poison that corrodes and acid that erodes and the music was very Jewish. I would love to hear that one again.