2003   JULY 25   #206

M A Numminen - Uppå källarbacken

In the early 1970´s I got aquainted with the music of Mauri Antero Numminen. I have loved it ever since, not the least because of his singing technique and great humor. This multi-talented man from Finland is either loved or hated here in Sweden, but as time has gone by, a vast majority has finally accepted the fact that Numminen - given time and lots of listening - is very talented in many ways as well as very entertaining. I am proud to say that I realized that from the very first time I heard him, and yet to this day, the best way of getting things done here in my house, playing a good old Numminen LP gets me going even with the most boring chores. Uppå källarbacken is the Swedish version of a Finnish version of American Patrol.

There is an excellent M A Numminen home page for those of you who wish to enter the World of this extraordinary man:

- Johan Birath

TT-3:01 / 2.8MB / 128kbps 44.1khz