2003   JULY 12   #193

Rajput & The Sepoy Mutiny - Flower Power/Flower Bed/Child of Love

What's better than bad sitar? I don't know what this stuff is called (Psychexploitation?) but it's some of the loopiest stuff I've ever heard. We start of chugging with "Flower Power" but things quickly go off track, "Flower Bed" sounds like a perversion of a familiar Christmas carol. The sitar player truly sounds like he's achieved Nirvana. The oddly named "Child of Love" pokes around not sure just what the heck is going on, scratching it's head while some piano closes the song out.

- Mike Harras

TT-6:59 / 8MB / 160kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Flower Power Sitar" (Design Records)

(Image courtesy of Mike Harras)