2003   JUNE 24   #175

Keith Everett - Conscientious Objector/Don't You Know

This is a mystery record to me and I ask anybody who knows anything about this artist or has knowledge of other artists from this time period who were doing similar stuff to please, PLEASE contact me or submit it to this site. I have spoken to a few old-timers in the Chicagoland area who claim to remember the record but know nothing of its history or what the deal was with Keith Everett, despite the fact that the song "Don't You Know" appears to have charted. However, it is the "B" side that gets this collector all hot and bothered. Songs like this are what dreams are made of. I included the "A" side of the single to show that right-wing folk-rockers have feelings, too.

- Matt Grayer, PAROFVTU@attbi.com

TT-4:56 / 4.5MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the 45 single (TMP-Ting Records TMP-118)

(Images courtesy of Matt Grayer)

Brian Phillips writes:
From borderline books, "These 45s are almost certainly the work of Keith Gravenhorst, who produced the first 45 and gets writer credits for both tracks on the first and third releases." From what I can glean he is or was based in Gainesville, GA.

Tasker Brush writes:
As the other writer mentioned, saying it had to be Keith Gravenhorst, he is correct. He was from Chicago, he also has a Mercury 45 titled "the chant" there may have been another Mercury 45. I met him at a the wedding of a friend of mine that was a cousin of Keith's. At the time (early 80's) he was living in California. Keith was very explicit about "Don't You Know" being the A side. The Mercury 45's are very hard to come by. There used to be more search references to him as well.

Jan Turkenburg writes:
Being a dutchman I may not understand quite the whole meaning of the words of these songs, but never mind: this is great stuff anyway. It reminds me of my "Merseybeat-period" and then again: no, it's just slighty different from the merseybeat-sound. I'm curious to here more about this record too!