2003   JUNE 20   #171

Shakin Jake Woods - Baby Love/Closing Statement

Shakin' Jake Woods (aka "Shakey Jake") is an Ann Arbor, Michigan legend. He has lived in Ann Arbor since 1948, and since that time he has endeared himself to the locals by singing his songs in the streets and selling special souvenirs such as T-shirts with his picture on them, bumper stickers that say "I Brake for Jake," postcards with his picture on them, as well as tapes and CD's of his music. He claims to be 102 years old, however he is probably closer to 72. He can always be seen "on the move" (one of his catch phrases) with his guitar case in hand. He is always dressed in a fancy dress suit wearing a big Hawaiian type hat. A few years ago the City Council passed some laws making it harder for people to get a peddler's license by raising the price, so local area downtown merchants got together to help pitch in to help pay for his license because they thought Ann Arbor wouldn't be the same without him.

If anyone is interested in buying a CD they can write to me and I will send information on how to buy one from Jake (he gets 100% of the proceeds). Write to me at: shakeyjakeCD@yahoo.com

- Jef Stevens

TT-3:36 / 5MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from the CD "On The Move"

(Images courtesy of Jef Stevens)