2003   JUNE 17   #168

Love Is A Heart-On - Column of Flowing Honey

I found a sealed copy of this LP at a record store in Des Plaines, IL and, judging by the disappointed look on the faces of the hipsters at the counter as they rung me up, had probably been an item of some curiosity for some time but no one cared to dip into their $6.00 an hour paycheck to find out what was on it. He who hesitates is lost.

I have never seen this LP again and the artists who recorded it are not listed on the LP or the lyric sheet. Sadly, the LP was poorly pressed on cheap vinyl and, as a result, all the tracks have annoying surface noise on them which is a shame because every track on this thing is professionally played and had above-average recording values. Was this thing meant as a joke? It's hard to say. I suspect their tongues were planted somewhat in cheek (if not elsewhere) but the excerpt from the liner notes listed below give some indication that these rockers might have been more than a little bit serious. I sure hope so.

REVOLUTION! Yes, ours is a time of revolution......

Social, political, racial, moral and sexual. Finally the arts are now emancipated from the stifling cloak of puritanical hypocrisy.

Motion pictures took their stand with the release of

""PORTNOY'S COMPLAINT" became one of the most famous and talked about novels in the world, and never before has the stage been filled with more nudity than the musical revue "OH, CALCUTTA." But the field of popular music and recording "copped out."

The Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Hendrix, Zeppelin all tried to sing of love as it really is, but they stopped short and resorted to the double-entendre.

""LOVE IS A HEART-ON" doesn't. This album is a collection of songs for the mature mind that uses the words we know and treats love and sex as one and the same. There is no pretense.

- Matt Grayer

TT-3:00 / 2.8MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Love Is A Heart-On" (Heavy Records) 1970

(Image courtesy of Matt Grayer)

Jeff writes:
I remember this package. [?] It was a sampler available through Warner / Reprise Records, promoted on a dust jacket inside a Neil Young album back in 70 or 71 . I sent them a couple of bucks but never got it.