2003   JUNE 10   #161

Metamorpho Theme Song

This tune is from an album I no longer have, I found this track at the end of an old mix-tape from about 20 years ago. The album I had was so scratched that one whole side could not be played, and some of the Metamorpho story was messed up as well. The song always stuck out, though, so... I looked up the album on the internet, and here's what I found out: it was on Power Records, # 2302. Plastic Man--'Invasion of The Plastic Men' with Metamorpho--'Fumo The Fire Giant' on the other side. This was a 7" Little LP Records, which was actually a 33 1/3 record the size of a 45rpm, came with only the vinyl and sleeve (no comic). Mid '70's. The site where I found the info also has some downloads of the whole album, along with some others. Go here to check those out.

Seems it was prolonged exposure to the radiation of the Orb of Ra that turned him into Metamorpho ( he was like an Indiana Jones-type explorer or something). Makes me wonder, with all of the ancient treasures and such being 'looted' over in Iraq these days, if there are folks who wish to try harnessing these kinds of powers in modern-day times. Great. That's all we need. Super Cheney. What a catchy old song, though.

- Steve Asparagus

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