2003   JUNE 9   #160

Two Unknown Girls - Time Of My Life

We received this selection from our friend Heather in White Plains, New York she sent it in to play on our show. Here is what Heather writes in an e-mail about this selection:

"I was visiting my aunt in Secaucus, N.J. back in December of 2002. We were driving around when we spotted an estate sale down from where she lives. We went to the sale and talked to this old lady who was the deceased"s neighbor. It turns out the guy lived alone, kept to himself, had no immediate family, and died in his late 30"s. He had several collectible toys, records galore, computer systems, turntables, vintage style clothing, and boxes of CD-Rs that were labeled with a black marker. I bought several stuff from the estate sale and went straight home after visiting my aunt. I spent the next couple of weeks after that listening to the records and CD-Rs, mostly electronica and beats. But some of the CD-Rs were copies of Lil Markie, Shooby Taylor, Paul Super Apple, and a whole CD filled with nothing but highway noise. Then there was the CD labeled "V.A. Copy', this is the CD where the track "Time of My Life' comes from. I"m still listening to the CD-Rs that I got at this estate sale and if anything like this comes up again I"ll let you know.'

We consider this a priceless gem and wish to thank Heather for sending it to us so that we may share it with you.

- Zeb and Jen, Oldies and Oddities, http://www.geocities.com/oldiesandoddities

TT-5:21 / 6.1MB / 160kbps 44.1khz