2003   JUNE 8   #159

Christine Wyrtzen - Obedience

I found this LP in a long since demolished thrift store on the corner of Lorain Avenue and Clague Road in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I'm not sure what made me pull out the record and examine the song titles on this seemingly uninteresting and cheesy piece of 1980's Christian propaganda, but there was something about the song titled "Obedience" that made me want to throw down my $0.20 and take it home with me. Judging by the surface noise on this thing, I'd say some parent was trying pretty hard to warp some kid's mind at some point in time. Either that or the poor child actually liked it!

- Matt Grayer

TT-2:32 / 1.2MB / 64kbps 22khz
from the LP "Critter County" (Love Land Records CW-521) 1984

(Image courtesy of Matt Grayer)

Stormy Hunter writes:
This is an artifact from the "Word Of Life Fellowship", a Christian organization which had a radio show in the 1970's called, naturally, "Word Of Life". I used to have my clock radio set to WCFL Chicago back then. WCFL was then one of the nation's best top 40 stations, but on Sunday mornings there was a steady flow of religious programming. I remember some of it as being quite uplifting (a program called "Keep Looking Up" springs to mind), but then "Word Of Life" would come on and put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Host Jack Wyrtzen would come on and in his hate-filled, mile-a-minute voice, he would excoriate pro-choicers, homosexuals, people who believed in astrology, non-Christian religions, and so on. The "Word Of Life" radio program was a veritable geyser of pus, venom, and bile, and it made me feel like throwing my old clock radio out of my closed bedroom window. Gosh, it's good to hear Christine Wyrtzen again.