2003   JUNE 5   #156

Peter Pan Orchestra And Chorus - Four Hygiene Songs & The Good Habit Song

Here we have two examples of the products released by the Peter Pan label in the early '60's. Not all of their records were this filled with doctrine and instruction, but these are the two that have stayed with me more than most of those I grew up with.

Given that my brother and I knew we were being talked down to, and laughed at these records from the time I was four or five, I'd have to guess that the producers of these works were not as successful in their attempts to make we little ones into good Americans as they might have hoped.

First we have a record of four hygiene songs, which, despite the label copy stating it features the "Peter Pan Orchestra and Chorus" actually only features a piano, banjo and vocalist. I'm particularly partial to the first of these songs, "Your Mouth is a House", but I also really enjoy the question which introduces the third song: "Do You Have a Bathroom Problem in Your House", which occurs about 70 seconds in.

After these songs, we have "The Good Habit Song", which has an interesting arrangement, building and building up into a gospel style arrangement with horns and answering chorus, before quieting down for a false ending, which gives way for the big explosion of sound at the end. Unfortunately, the trumpet player missed his note at this crucial point, but perhaps there wasn't the money for a second take.

I have such a pile of these kids records, and sometimes I wonder if my mom just bought whatever new ones were in the rack at the grocery store each week. Some of them have titles that are better than the song could ever be ("Drag, the Magic Puffin"), and others are horribly dull. But although many of them rattle around in my brain from time to time, these are the ones that seem to creep in there more than any others.

- Bob Purse

TT-4:19 / 4MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
The first four songs are from Peter Pan Records 45-632-B,
and the last song is from Peter Pan Records 45-616-A