2003   JUNE 3   #154

Sneakers & Lace - Sidewalk Convoy/Skate Talk

These two skateboarding songs are from a 1976 album called SKATEBOARDIN' USA, by the group Sneakers and Lace, on the Pickwick International label.

From the liner notes inside:

"The skateboarding cult has its own life style, its own heroes, its own language and now, its own music. Inspired by the originals of surfing--- The Beach Boys--- who gave words and music to the Southern Californian way of life, SNEAKERS and LACE, a fresh new group composed of three guys and a girl, have brought their boards to shore and turned 'em in for skateboards and possible superstardom. SNEAKERS AND LACE--- Jon Gittler, David Ramirez, David Ortiz and Carolyn Sloan. Average age-- 16 and a half. All of these youngsters study at the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan... but while the three boys were known in the school as the Toilet Trio (their rehearsals in the men's room so tagged them), Carolyn was, quite literally, "bumped into" while skateboarding in Central Park. SNEAKERS AND LACE was formed on the spot. The group skated and rehearsed together in Central Park where they were heard by Neil Levinson in the summer of '75. His reaction to their soaring enjoyment was both personal and professional, and he rounded them up and took them off to his partners, Al Harvey and Phil Margo (who was instrumental in producing Tony Orlando and Dawn). And a new group on disc was born." All songs published by Cheep Skate Music."

I bought this record for $2.00 from an old man at an outdoor flea market. He told me he and his wife had driven all night to get there. It started raining before we could talk much more, though. It seems as if the Sidewalk Convoy story could be based on actual events...

- Steve Asparagus

TT-4:55 / 5.7MB / 160kbps 44.1khz