2003   MAY 21   #141

Music To Get C6th By - And I Love Her

I used to work in a pawn shop. At one time we took albums in on pawn. When CD's took over the music market, we decided to get rid of all the albums we had left. Most of them were in pretty bad shape and had to be thrown out. We got to keep any we wanted. I almost threw this one out until I looked at the song list and saw "And I Love Her". I figured it had to be the Beatles tune. So, I took it home, cleaned it up and found it was indeed the Beatles. I've heard some pretty strange covers, but not like this. The album was produced by the Jeffran Music Company. They are still in business and sell pedal steel guitar instructional CDs and videos. This album came out in 1969 and is still in pretty good shape. Whoever the original owner was went so far as to buy the sheet music. This is one of of my more unusual Beatles' collectibles.

- Richard Hamilton

TT-2:15 / 2.1MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Music To Get C6th By" Jeffran Music Company (1969)

(Images courtesy of Richard Hamilton)