2003   APRIL 24   #114

Leona Anderson - Habanera from "Carmen"

excerpt from the album liner notes:

Vocal coaches throughout the world are still recuperating from their fruitless attempt to make a singer out of LEONA ANDERSON... who, after exhausting the best available teachers in the country, headed for Europe to continue her search for a master magician of vocal vitalization! But from every tonal-tutor came the same comment, "Worst voice I've ever heard! Try the piano... or bass violin, maybe?" And so, Leona finally threw in the towel and downheartedly headed back to New York, through with singing and singing teachers forever! But, hardly two months had gone by 'til the dejected diva happened to read a news item about a search for "the worst voice in the world" and, with more than enough ""references" to literally guarantee her uncontested quality, Leona applied for the job and from that moment on has worn the undisputed crown of "THE WORLD'S MOST HORRIBLE SINGER."

- Contributed by Otis Fodder

TT-2:17 / 3.2MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Music To Suffer By" (Unique Records LP-115) 1958