2003   APRIL 10   #100

Ford - It's The Going Thing/Warranty Rock/It's The Going Thing

Dig this record for the 100th download. A "product music" promotional record from Ford. Suzanne Baumann sent me over this LP and it simply rocks my ever changing musical world. The record notes, "A medley of songs by Ford Division's New Singing Group, The Going Thing".


- Otis Fodder

TT-3:48 / 5.2MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from the one-sided Ford promo, "It's The Going Thing"

The TOD writes:
I Just Downloaded The Ford Promo "It's The Going Thing" And Realized I Have A Full Length Recording Of This Stuff. If I Am Not Mistaken Larry The Young Larry Coryell Plays Guitar On Those Recordings.

Tom writes:
Thank you for posting the Ford songs. I remember "The Going Thing." It was the jingle in the Ford commercials that appeared on National Football League telecasts during - I'm guessing - the 1967-68 season. The group's sound is very Association, very, very "Windy," which charted in the spring of '67. (Or play "The Going Thing" and then dig out "Time For Livin'" or "Enter The Young.") From the era when commercial jingles could hold their own against the hit songs of the day.

Jonathan Ward writes:
There were actually 2 one-sided "Going Thing" LPs, one from 1969 and one from 1970. The '69 one tends to turn up the most, but the second one has a nice song-parody of the song "Happiness", from the "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" musical. I believe that it's Larry Carlton in the band, not Larry Coryell. And if that weren't enough for you, there was a late-60s outfit called "The 5th Street Exit" that appears on an in-house 7-UP 7" where they sing a song called ""It's a Going Thing"...which I guess makes all this info even more ridiculously arcane. Almost forgot - after the first 2 "Going Thing" LPs, Ford released an in-house "Christmas With The Going Thing" LP! Christ!

Eric Morin writes:
This group was led by the brothers Baehler (John and Tom) who were responsible for a little-known 60s band called The Love Generation. They were pretty dang adept at aping the styles of the day, as can be heard on "Love and Sunshine - The Best of the Love Generation" on Sundazed. Highly recommended for the general Mamas and Papas style harmonies, the Eleanor Rigby cop "World Without Love," and the very special "Montage." What is really keen about the Baehlers, though, is that after the Going Thing, they went on to be the studio vocalists for the Partridge Family recordings! Yikes!