2003   APRIL 4   #094

Greg & Alfred, McCarthy & John - Glad U Were Here, It's Friday 4-22-89

Sherman, Turn the way back machine on and set the date back to 1978...... I lived on the third floor of a large victorian 4 unit building. The Neighbors downstairs were a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts. I was friends with them but didn't ride at the time, we had a grand ole time. While going thru the easyrider rags we had collected my buddy found an ad for a contest to submit something in writing, and if they like it they'll publish it. My buddy wrote this cool short story, and (silly me) I submitted a bit of prose, well a poem actually (what was I thinking?). Needless to say my buddy's story was in print, and I got a nice rejection note.

Sherman to 1982.... My ex and I decided to move to the dead center of Maine. We lived in a VERY small "corner" town, in a heavily wooded area, 2 1/2 miles off the tar. My driveway was a half mile long. (Moved back to the 1800's actually....rough !) Off the power grid, nearest neighbor a mile away. The neighbor and I would fire a shotgun round off at noon, just to let each other know all was well. If we didn't hear the other's bang, we'd come looking. It was isolated, and a good four-five hours from boston where I grew up. Winter is COLD, and so a great deal of ""inside" self-entertaining was in order. It was here that I dragged out that poem, and set it to music.

Sherman We're off to the late 80's..... My parents had a cottage that just happened to be the half-way point between where I lived, and where my brother lived in boston, so we called it ""Rendez'vous". We would meet there for family get togethers, to escape from where we lived and to catch up on family business. It was an unmentioned rule that you had to bring your guitar, and music you were working on at the time.

Sherman, up the time a notch to 1989... It was Friday April 22, 1989 that my brother and I held a rendez'vous, He came up with a Friend John (also a guitar player) and a case of beer. We played and drank well into the wee hours of saturday. So I pulled out my poem/song, and showed them the chords, and mentioned how I was hearing it in my head, and we gave it a go. I had a very old mono cassette recorder with a 30-year old mic and set it up on the other side of the cabin, just for giggles. The resulting recording is one of my prized recordings, not so much for the song, but it's one of the handful of recordings that survived where my brother and I played together. He passed away in 1993. His friend John, (I didn't catch his last name) is brilliant on the lead(S). We never saw each other again. Just that single night ! {John, if you're out there contact me here at the project}

Sherman Kick up the time to 2001.... The company that I worked for had an audition for the Rock 'n' roll hall of fame's (in Cleveland) first annual corporate battle of the bands. They had auditions for the band and one slot for a best original song, Judged by Felix Cavaliere of the Young Rascalls. The winners got an all expenses paid trip to the Rock 'n' roll hall of fame. To my delight, the song won ! It was an awesome trip, I recommend a visit when you get the chance ! So, Otis, I believe this song has had it's run for me, and belongs in the public domain for other's to enjoy. {I'll retain rights for the movie and commercials though (Grin) } 

- Greg McCarthy

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(Images courtesy of Greg McCarthy)