2003   APRIL 2   #092

Merv and Merla - The Time Of The Singing Of The Birds

I picked this record up for a buck mainly for the cover (a couple dressed in the height of 70's fashion each with matching acoustic guitars standing a the edge of a dam in a wooded suburban park, in big bright letters below the dam it said Sounds of Fresh Water.) Just as expected When I threw it on I was treated to your average run of the mill Christian folk music. But then to my surprise I ran into this beautiful song. Never could I have imagined that so many bahhs, cahhs, toots, and bruoms could fit in a mere 1 minute and 18 seconds but Merv and Merla pulled it off beautifully and bless them for doing it.

- The Apartment, http://www.gondolamusic.com

TT-1:20 / 1.9MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Sounds of Fresh Waters" (Word Records, WST-8463-LP)

Marty Knox writes:
I too, am the proud owner of this record, except I think I only paid 50 cents for it. I'm obsessed (well, not really) with those kooky christians and their silly records. I think this record came out of Waco, Texas, where an enormous glut of these types of maudlin religious LPs originated. And they sic the FBI on David Koresh...