2003   MARCH 27   #086

The Larry Glick Show (WBZ Radio, Boston) - Orangutan

First and foremost, this Site is just the ticket! I love the voices, music, sounds and discovery of candid, old or lost recordings! This is a wonderful experiment in sharing - the tapes, records, cassettes, we have carted along our life's journey and deemed valuable all these years! I finally have a place to share some of mine with you! HAT'S OFF TO OTIS !!

Do you remember when instead of convergence, all "devices" had a name and were separate? When the images on the TV came and went (when images were called "pictures"?) When the radio played and lost to the ether. Do you remember your first tape recorder ? Your first recordings ?

It is with fond remembrance I recall my first recorder, it was a small portable reel to reel. I recorded everything, to the annoyance of my family and friends. (I STILL DO: My cassette and tape archive outweighs the sum-total of my girlfriends possessions! {Hats off, to tolerant girlfriends -Too!} )

As I grew, I became more selective. There still was no VCR's, no fancy Stereo Cassette Decks, the 8-track wasn't even invented. Just the little old reliable mono cassette recorder with the mic and 3' cord. It was the late 60's and early 70's, Friday evenings were spent in conversation, or a neighborhood sing-song, reading a book, listening to the AM radio, SOMEtimes TV. One had listening skills, AND attention span, developed by careful listening. As I recall, it was around the time we got our first color TV set. (early 1970's ?? ) I spent a great deal of time listening to the local Boston radio stations. Mostly talk shows. Mostly LATE. (Does anyone out there remember "Drug Hotline? in Boston, on WRKO-AM (I think) ?)

Well, I got hooked on WBZ radio in 1970's. The "Larry Glick Show" in particular. Variety Talk Radio. Very entertaining, often informative. Mr. Glick was persona extraordinaire at the time, a noted hypnotist and all around personality in the Boston area. A genuine nice guy with a large following. Folks could call in and talk about the topic of the day, or request songs to be played. There were also comedy bits, some professional, some candid, and calls/conversations that became popular requests. They all made up the large part of WBZ's Friday show. It was on one Friday show that I first heard this recording. It was so often requested that they eventually had to limit their air time of it ! { If I am remembering correctly this is 30 years old, at LEAST 25 } I was 10-13 years old.

A gentleman from the Carolinas called into the show and read a newspaper article from his local paper. The resulting Conversation is one of my prized recordings that were transferred to a new tape Whenever a new batch of blanks were "in progress" , in order to have it preserved. The gentleman's diction is precise and precious, the story is real. I have Played this at one time or another for everyone that came to my pad. The laughter is contagious. It is my privilege to share it with you. I hope you burn it to your archive of recordings and share some genuine laughter with those you love.

- Greg (The Librarian) Mc Carthy

TT-8:25 / 5.8MB / 96kbps 44.1khz (MONO)