2003   MARCH 20   #079

Anna-Lisa Ingemansson - Oxdragarsång

Sweden's finest, and a pioneer of do-it-yourself record-making. Anna-Lisa ran a pedicure-salon in Stockholm, and in her spare time she hired musicians and studios to make records (on which she was often joined by her poodle on the covers) released on her own ALI-label. Anna-Lisa refused to be tied up to the conventional rules of snobby things like rhythm, tempo and staying in tune, and on her records you can hear how the musicians grow more and more desperate trying to follow Anna-Lisa's crusades into new and unexplored musical fields. Her repertoire was based on covers. This example is a Swedish classic by our national chanson-writer Evert Taube. But never mind, any song sung by Anna-Lisa became her own in a unique kind of way. Despite rumors, Anna-Lisa is reported to be alive and well, though she retired from the musical scene in the seventies and passed the anyone-can-do-it-flag to the punk movement. ...and if you don't understand the language it's no big deal - with her quite original Finnish-Swedish accent neither do I. Anna-Lisa proves once and for all that the language of music is universal!

- Johan Johansson, http://www.monoform.com/johansson/

TT-1:52 / 2.6MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "Sång till trio" (vocals to trio) ALI Records (ALI472) 1972

(Image courtesy of Johan Johansson)