2003   MARCH 14   #073

The Mystic Zephyrs - It's Much Too Soon

Situated somewhere between the theatricality of David Bowie and T-Rex, the existential searching of The Velvet Underground, and the naiveté of The Shaggs, we find the teenage family band The Mystic Zephyrs 4.

With this tune, we share the painful realization that the human species is a pitiful self-destructive thing, unable to resolve the conflicts which arise from blind acquiescence to authority and the false separation of our spirits, thus not soon to escape from the ruts
carved by our past mistakes.

In addition to all that, we thrill that the drummer is only 12 years old.

- John K Fitzpatrick

Lynne (age 18) - guitar, vocal, flute, songwriter
Keith (age 16) - bass, vocals
Gayle (age 14) - organ, vocals
Joyce (age 12) - drums, vocals

TT-2:34 / 3.5MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from LP, "Maybe" (Two: Dot Records HRH-6873) 1974

Mark Hill writes:
As a child I lived in Ventura California, and remember a "band" called The Mystic Zephyrs, with the mom and kids playing... they performed live for us at Poinsetta elementary school.. I think us 2nd graders thought it was pretty hokey, even then...Must have been the late 60's... As I recall they lived on "Candy Cane Lane", one street over from where I lived back then (Byron Ave in Ventura CA).