2003   FEBRUARY 23   #054

Lil' Markie - Jesus Put The Stars In The Sky/Big House

Mark Fox channels his inner child to transform himself into the one and only Little Markie. No puppets or ventriloquism, just a grown man singing in a high pitched voice praising the lord. With songs like "Diary Of An Unborn Child" or "Story Of An Alcoholic Father" Mark hit upon every taboo topic with revolting clarity. On his magnum Unborn Child opus, he proceeds to count off the days of being inside his mother's womb... until... yep you guessed it... he is aborted and proceeds to sing a high-pitched, nasal induced, sickening song that starts with the line, ""Why did you kill me mommy when god made me special for you". Sick, twisted and wrong, but funny in that demented ideology of the past way. I decided to put up the song, "Jesus Put The Stars In The Sky" from Mark's 1st album, "Volume 1" instead of the Diary of an Unborn Child cut (for it has been circulating the web for some time now).

Oh, but don't think the world is safe from Lil Markie ... he's still around and recently made a comeback! In October of 2002 Suzanne Baumann went inside a Value Village thrift store in Detroit, MI and found a CDR of new Markie material!!! The CD is titled "It's a Whole New World" and I'm playing the first cut from the CDR, "Big House" for you. Mark Fox still sounds the same almost 25 years later!

Thanks to Jim Blanchard, Suzanne Baumann, Dana Countryman, Will Louviere and The Incorrect Music tactical squad for helping my insanity grow with Markie over the years!

- Otis Fodder

TT-5:25 / 4.97MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
1st cut from LP, "Volume 1" (MF Family Ministries)
2nd cut from CDR "It's A Whole New World" (No Label)

John D. writes:
In case anyone is interested in going directly to the source in order to get Lil' Markie material, here's Mark Fox's current contact information, courtesy of Sharon J. Cox of For HIS Kidz: " You can reach Mark by e-mail at markandcarol@bbnow.net "

Roscoe writes:
The Mark Fox page mentions that there are 10 records; I found one last year (sleeveless, and pretty scratchy) at a local resale called "Mark and Lil' Markie TOGETHER FOR CHRISTMAS." Michigan has always been a fundamentalist hotbed (I am one of its products), so there's a wealth of cast-off material like this still floating around. Anyway, I'd just like to remind folks out there that not all Christians are ludicrous fundamentalists and idiotic herd animals. I am equal-parts horrified and amused by the likes of Lil' Markie.

Leela writes:
Thank you so much for your 365 Days project. It's really brightened me and my husband's lives. We're both still reeling from the loss of the Incorrect Music Hour - thanks for stepping in to fill the yawning void left by their departure. Today's Lil Markie songs were the most insane, frightful thing I have ever heard, and I've heard to a lot of this stuff. I haven't laughed so hard and so deeply in many, many months. These are dark times for our country, but there's nothing like a little perverted Fundamentalism to shine a little beam through the pitch blackness. Oh,and I'm naming my next cat Flugadi.

Perry Amberson writes:
Fundamentalists seem to love putting on little kid voices and making novelty records for children. His Lil' Markie character sounds more like a cartoon duck than an actual child.