2003   FEBRUARY 11   #042

Bob Chance - The Van Man

I first heard a snippet of this on Negativland's Over the Edge radio show years ago. Then in 1999 a friend, Don Fields found the album and snapped it up. Listening to this leaves me at a loss of words, my toes start tapping and that general uneasy feeling starts to settle in. Here comes the Van Man!

- Otis Fodder

from the liner notes:

"The many facets of Bob Chance's talent are reflected in the demanding roles he fulfills as composer, arranger, vocalist, guitarist, engineer, etc. on this album. The Van Man is contemporary in sound and lyrical content, yet it is straight out of the 1950's. You will find it difficult to sit still and quietly listen to Bob Chance's music. He makes you want to move and express the way you feel it. - Earl S. Beecher, Ph.D.

Bob Chance writes:

Thanks for the kind words about "The Van Man." I also want to thank Richard Lyons, and the Negativland gang for playing "The Van Man, and It's Broken" on their Over the edge show. Please contact me at any time at www.hotmixrecords.com if you want to hear more, or just want to talk.

TT-2:33 / 3.21MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
from the LP, "It's Broken!" (Morrhythm Records 40)


Robert writes:
This Bob Chance track is certainly creepy, yet...I hate to say it...good. There are definite comparisons to be drawn between 'the van man' and the equally unsettling 'vehicle' by ides of march. Same idea. Different mode of transport. I like bob chance better. I have no idea why.