2003   FEBRUARY 9   #040

Bill Lee - If Jesus Came To Your House

Not much information known about this cut. I've had it on cassette for years and doing an search over the net it did appear on a comp LP called "It's Finkin' Time!" in 1991. The original poem was written by Lois Blanchard Eades and the recording best known is by Red Sovine.

- Otis Fodder

TT-2:30 / 2.29MB / 128kbps 44.1khz

Alex writes:
The music cues used on this track are Alfred Newmann's score for the 20th Century Fox production of "The Robe" (1953).

Zee Great Zargoli writes:
Oh yeah! Fab version of that track, nice job with the choirs and kettle drums. But I have to dispute your claim about Red Sovine; country music star Porter Wagoner's somber recitation was a regular feature of his weekly syndicated TV show (1960-1980). Just about made this heathen forsake his wicked ways... well, almost.
(below picture of Porter - thanks to Zargoli!)