2003   FEBRUARY 1   #032

Geert Grote School (Groep 8) - Dreamer

The Geert Grote School is a primary school, named after the mediaeval religious reformer: Geert Groote. Very few primary schools in Holland have a music teacher and even the GGS can't afford more than 5 hours of "Mister Jan" a week. "Dreamer" is a song I recorded in the highest group (11 and 12 year's old) in October 2002. There are a few very talented kids as well as a few very enthusiastic screamers in that class.

- Jan Turkenburg, http://www.splogman.com

TT-3:30 / 4.81MB / 192kbps 44.1khz
Recorded in October of 2002

(Image of the Geert Grote School Kids courtesy of Jan Turkenburg)