2003   JANUARY 16   #016

Anthony Newley - Within You, Without You

Do you miss the variety specials of the 70's? Remember this one, "Beatles Forever" from 1977? Well, there's no wonder why you should. This one never hit a reissue on any format (including BETA). This special starred a ton of folks, but this performance by Anthony Newley (with his over-dramatic vocal stylings) take the cake. The video clip of this is a laugh riot in itself with Anthony's eyebrows doing most of the singing (as they move in a hypnotic motion that send you into a pure Zen state). It's also very important to note that while Anthony sings this song he is in a Grecian bath room, in a toga, fog covering the ground and there are ladies in waiting! I just wondered if any of the fab four caught this one on the tube in '77? I took the audio off a second or third generation video copy and cleaned it up a bit for you (but was that really necessary?!?) Tony Randall introduces the piece and I tagged on the ending of the special with Tony naming off all the stars that were on this travesty.

- Otis Fodder

TT-5:11 / 4.75MB / 128kbps 44.1khz
from the 1977 ABC TV Special, "Beatles Forever"