Daphne Oram (1925-2003)

An Individual Note of Music, Sound and Electronics
1972, Galliard.
[PDF, 39mb]

‘An Individual Note – on Music, Sound and Electronics’ is a remarkable book.

When Oram was commissioned to write about music, she was keen to avoid writing a conventional manual or how-to guide, preferring to use the opportunity to muse on the subjects of music, sound and electronics and the relationships between them. At the time, more musicians than ever were starting to get their hands on the tools of electronic music – equipment which formerly had been in the hands of large music studios, universities, and corporations. Oram’s approach to electronic sound and music was innovative and inspiring, encouraging anyone with an interest in music to think about the nature and capabilities of electronic sound and the new possibilities it offered. Her discussion wasn’t limited to the future of the orchestra, synthesizer, computer and home studio. She also ventured, with great spirit and wit, into other realms of science, technology, culture and thought.

‘An Individual Note’ is a playful yet compelling manifesto for electronic music. It highlights our individual capacity to immerse ourselves in this form as creators, listeners and philosophers.

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