Alison Knowles, USA | b. 1933

By Alison Knowles
(1965, Great Bear Pamphlet, Something Else Press) [PDF, 492k]

Alison Knowles was born in New York City in 1933. She works in the field of visual art, making performances, sound works and radio shows (Horspiels). She attended Scarsdale High School, Middlebury College and graduated with an honors degree in Fine Art from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She married Dick Higgins and worked for the Something Else Press doing special editions by silkscreen, engaged in events with the Fluxus group and birthed twin daughters Hannah B and Jessica in 1964. Her installation The Big Book was made in New York, and toured in Canada and Europe, collapsing in California in the mid-seventies. For three years she was Associate Professor of Art at California Institute of the Arts in the department of Alan Kaprow. Her computer instigated dwelling The House Of Dust is located in California as a permanent installation. During the late seventies and eighties she extended her studio to include a shop in Barrytown, New York, a stone's throw from the Hudson River. During the eighties she has worked in Italy and Germany and Japan doing multiples, unique pieces and radio plays. Her second walk-in book The Book Of Bean from 1983 appeared in Venice. She maintains a studio at 122 Spring St. in New York.


Fluxsweet in UbuWeb Sound
Fluxus Anthology in UbuWeb Sound
Fluxus 30th Anniversary Anthology in UbuWeb Sound
Fluxus Tellus in UbuWeb Sound