Scott Treleaven b. 1982
The Salivation Army (2002)
This Is the Salivation Army was a 'queer pagan punk' zine, produced by Scott Treleaven from 1996-1999. The film tracks the rise and demise of Treleaven's publication and the strange cult it spawned:

""Blurrily combining evocative enactments of cult-like activities with genuine evidence from the project's epoch, the film lyrically represents The Salivation Army as a brief movement in history--both inspirationally realized and pointedly imaginary. As Treleaven explained in the film's voiceover, the best thing for The Salivation Army was not to be unique, but to be part of an ongoing history. These historical inspirations are unmistakable--from the cult musician/performer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and writers William Burroughs and Brion Gysin to the most evocative influence: late-radical-queer-punk filmmaker Derek Jarman." -- Matt Wolf ('Wild Combination', 'Teenage')

The Salivation Army (2002)
22 minutes
> Written & Directed by
Scott Treleaven
Michael Barker, Kevin Drew, Will Munro, and Scott Treleaven (narrator)

Cinematography by
Miguel Rocha, Scott Treleaven

Edited by
Scott Treleaven

Sound by
Chandra Bulucon, Simone Moir, Scott Treleaven
Music by
KC Accidental, Psychic TV, The Electric Newspaperinues to explore queer paganism in his artwork.