Jean-Luc Godard (b. 1930)
Godard in America (1970), dir. Ralph Thanhauser
Duration: ca. 44 min.
(filmed on 16mm)

Spring 1970: Godard and Gorin, on the road, visiting colleges, speaking with Andrew Sarris, and explaining, through illustrated notebooks, their newest Dziga Vertov Group project, a film on Palestine.

After Godard had finished several films with the Dziga Vertov Group, he and Jean-Pierre Gorin traveled to the US to raise funds for their next project, Till Victory (1970), a film on the Palestinian struggle that was never finished. Godard in America captures Godard and Gorin argueing the finer points of revolutionary struggle as they visit several American universities. Scenes of Godard describing the Palestinian project to students while he rapidly flips through a storyboard filled with his characteristic drawings, capture the American university in the throes of its first love affair with radical Marxism. During a lighter moment, Jean-Luc states that he escaped his bourgeoise family background by going into the movie business only to discover that the movie business is the biggest bourgeoise family in the world. Featuring Andrew Sarris, Molly Haskell and others.