Mika Tajima b. 1975
Dead by Third Act (2009)
Starting from Marinetti's precipitous Bugatti car crash in 1908 to Goddard's car accident strewn landscape of late capitalism; from early revolutionary factory worker councils to the new "children of Marx and Coca Cola"; Mika Tajima and the collaborative group New Humans propose a new function for the once active Fiat factory in Italy: the production of contradictions.

Dead By Third Act documents a 2008 performance project in which a compact car is methodically destroyed in the original Fiat Lingotto factory in Turin, a historically complex site of industrialism, modernism, worker struggle, and Futurism. The original starting point for Fiat car production became a post-industrial disassembly line. This performance is situated in a montage of the factory's modernist architecture (now a shopping mall), the aftermath of a Slow Food fair, building preparations for an international art fair, unfinished condo constructions, and flavored alcoholic beverages.

"""Dead by Third Act"
by Mika Tajima/New Humans
edited Mika Tajima
performers: Howie Chen, Mika Tajima, Eric Tsai
produced by: Artissima
camera: Howie Chen, Didier Falzone, Tim Saltarelli, Mika Tajima
locations: Turin, Italy and NYC

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