Simon Strong b. 1962
"Bring me the Head of Rafaello Carboni!" (2011)
Duration: 26'29"

"Bring me the Head of Rafaello Carboni!"


Sonke Rickertsen as Frederick de la Vern


Jason Crest III as the voice of Alpha Blue

Mark E. Smith as Governor Hotham

Georgine Spelvin as Lola Montez

Principal cinematography by Aaron Goldberg

Second unit cinematography by Simon Strong

Filmed on location in Collingwood and Ballarat.

Documentary footage courtesy of The Prelinger Archive and Moral Imperative

Original score by Sonke Rickertsen

Songs: "Back in the Day" by The Shades of Meaning. ""Walking in the Sun" / "Mental Block" by The Fire Dept.

Co-incidental music by arrangement with The Invisible Generation

Conceived and executed by Simon Strong

WAR ECONOMY STANDARD This film has been produced in complete conformity with the authorised economy standards

Golden Fist Prods, 2011. commercial distribution prohibited

Simon Strong on UbuWeb Sound